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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> parents say they are frustrated. when a threat is made, they want a phone call. we' re learning this latest threat. as students made their way to three rivers schools this morning, some parents had a rude awakening. >> i found out about it from my granddaughter. she sought on facebook. reporter: a 13-year-old boy was arrested last night. we were in juvenile court as the prosecutor revealed the threat involve the father' s rifle, the bus, school, and a future date. the student did not have a weapon and did not have access to one. >> those other students notified other adults. >> the parents contacted the school about the threat. reporter: an honor roll stool --
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>> i have two grandkids that go to school here. something happens and you want to know what going on. reporter: it was online. but parents phones never rang. >> they should use the all call system if any child is in any type of danger. >> because the student was in police custody, officials did not use the phone system. it encourages parents to log on. >> the school spokeswoman says weekly. would mean evacuated students to a safe alternative lace. -- place. mike: the 13-year-old is on a three-day emergency leave. it leaders are looking at policy to see if he can ever return.
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s also expected in court next week. sheree: developments in the case of students that saw the gun before the shooting and did not tell anyone. we' re live in hamilton with what happened today. karin: both teenagers are 14 and charged with misdemeanor charges. we' re not identifying them. new court dates are set. they are scheduled to appear before a judge on may 11. the alleged shooter showed two classmates begun earlier in the day before the shooting. the sheriff says they were not part of the shooting in any way or part of the planning of it but knew about the gun at school and did not tell anyone.
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kevin: the radar tells the story here. let me show you a closer inspection. it has been steady. if you have dinner plans across the area, pack the umbrella. it would be all looking wet. heavier downpours in areas of southeast indiana. and where you see some of the heavier rain, back to parts of northern kentucky, it will be the bull' s-eye for the heavy downpours to the evening hours. expect rain to continue for a
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tapering off. i will let you know what to expect friday. sheree: a workplace shooting at a business. two men died in an apparent murder suicide. police found the men in a conference room on the second floor of the building. they have not yet been identified but a spokesman says an employee and a manager, the plant will be closed until monday. mike: the trial date set for four men accused of the shooting of a west chester teenager. they are all responsible for the death of 18-year-old tyler. they have text messages that will prove all four men planned
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during the attempt, there was some sort of scuffle and a shot was fired. all four will be tried separately. sheree: investigating another homicide. james nixon was shot and found dead on the sidewalk along vine street. so far, no arrests have been made. mike: problems all day long just before 2:00 in the morning. the driver of a car and took out a poll and caused power outages. the driver had already taken off. demonstrate, no power because of the car crash. they did have backup generators. sheree: the republicans will meet for their 12th debate in
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donald trump and john kasich , most of the attention has been right here. next tuesday is a winner take all contest with 66 delegates. both candidates in cincinnati over the weekend. more on the battle for ohio. >> it could be a battle for the soul of the republican party. donald trump is expected to rally here at the duke energy convention center. john kasich in sharonville on saturday, each trying to lay claim to ohio. donald trump will be here sunday. dipping into the most reliable republican region. >> i think it makes sure he wins southwest ohio. >> i think this wins it for him. >> john kasich has yet to win a state and will rally here in a must win situation.
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kasich has the machine on the ground in ohio. >> the polls are bouncing around like basketballs and march madness. fox has kasich ahead and two others have trump in the lead. >> i don' t think we' ve ever seen anything like this. >> the republican congressman is not endorsing anyone yet. >> i have concerns that we have to be concerned as to whether or not our kids should be in the room during a presidential debate and i hope we rise above that at the end of the day. >> the craziest show on earth. voters hold the keys. >> it' s whether not john kasich is going to be a candidate. >> he has the state party establishment behind him all the way.
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the political headwinds of team kasich with momentum. >> but he has the movement. we' re going to clash and we will see who wins. >> the stakes seem to be getting higher. major implications for the gop nomination and the cleveland convention in july. sheree: today john kasich landed the high-profile endorsement of urban meyer. he calls kasich a friend and said he is a true supporter of what kasich stands for. hillary clinton again her day with the rally in tampa. she strongly encouraging people to get out and vote. clinton and rival bernie sanders are locked in a fierce battle for the nomination following a surprising upset in michigan.
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voters and how they can change the country by standing up, he says, to the status quo. sanders is also counting on the young vote to help him win ohio. it will be 18 by the general election , then you can vote in the ohio primary. special election coverage of the primary at ohio. live coverage beginning at 730 in the evening when the polls close. join us for a special edition of news five at 10:00 and 11:00. mike: kentucky confirming its first case of the zika virus. test results on a man recently
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a rare burst effect in which babies are born with abnormally small heads. sheree: bringing down barriers from behind the counter. >> i wanted for women to know it' s ok to be strong and feminine at the same time. mike: the local butcher bringing attention to a trade with both style and flair. sheree: a state of emergency here. a one in 500 year flood causing big problems across the south. take you for a tour of the neighborhood' s underwater in louisiana. kevin: we are faring much better around here because the same storm system is bringing plenty of rain to our neck of the woods as well.
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birthday. dorothy houston was emotional as she was awarded a long-overdue diploma. in 1942, she was expelled after revealing that she was married. she finally got to celebrate. she tossed her graduation cap in front of family and friends.
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mike: i' m going to answer the questions now. yes and no. you may appreciate a good snake, but have you thought about butchering it yourself? sheree: an event tonight in florence. mike: reporter: a career that takes strength. a lot of times it' s a man behind the counter. but not at butcher betty' s in florence, kentucky. >> i wanted for women to know it' s ok to be strong and feminine at the same time. reporter: that' s why she reached
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the butcher babe and has the same passion. both women are inspired by 1940' s era pinup girls and both want to change the idea of modern-day butchering. it is really difficult as a woman because you' re supposed to have a pretty face. it is something this really difficult to target. reporter: they will host a demonstration tonight. and she will show you had a breakdown of lamb and you can taste the homemade recipes. from the wax paper caramels to take an apple dumplings.
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of knowledge. when was the last time you saw a heels. >> we have similar philosophies. they want to be. sheree: i love the fashion, too. it starts at 6:30 p.m. tonight and you can log onto our website right now for more information. mike: you might be more uncomfortable in the air. united airlines plans to add more seats, adding one more to each economy row. going from nine seats across to 10 seats across. the retrofitting begins in may and will be finished up by sometime next year. sheree: more evacuations in parts of louisiana and at least
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the governor declared a state of emergency. the rain has been pouring down for the last 48 hours and is not stopping for several more days. some homes have as much as five feet of water inside. >> everything you see is gone. me and my three kids lost everything. >> the worst will still be ahead for northern louisiana. kevin: you want to talk about fortunate, let' s talk about the flooding. it is all the flooding that is happening. all that rain has to drain off. they will reach historic levels that haven'
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this is the same weather system. but we will not see that amount of rainfall. it is fairly light for right now. no thunder or lightning. reds. i expect some heavy rain follow south on the ohio river.
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coming up just shy of a half an inch of rain. they average around an inch and a half of rain. it' s a gloomy looking evening. it has been all day across the area. 61 right now at the airport. they are still dealing with coast. almost 80 today and southeastern s. the rain will continue and will drop.
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we have a nice-looking friday night. things begin to change. it could see a few showers during the day on saturday. it did not look like a washout that i expect some scattered showers during the daytime hours across the area. rain fades and it turns cooler. here' s a look at your seven-day forecast.
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sheree: punches thrown, hair pulled. wait and see here was started this brawl. mike: the man who tried to rob a
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sheree: and unbelievable scene on the spirit airlines flight when this brawl breaks out between five passengers. mike: the fight had been brewing between the women for the entire five-hour flight. it got physical. >> to be serious, i felt like alcohol was involved. the ladies swinging on each other, punching each other. mike: looking pretty serious, the fight broke out after two intoxicated women blasted music from a boombox. when passengers complained, they held the boxing the air and asked, what are you going to do? police pulled all five women off. no one was arrested or charged. sheree: i like that they had a
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mike: like the 70' s. sheree: a deadly shooting at a backyard barbecue. two shooters open fire, killing six and critically injuring two others. one of the women killed was pregnant. one of the shooters used a handgun to steer the victim towards the home porch where a second gunman pick them off with an ak-47 style rifle. police are searching for at least two suspects. mike: trying to rob a terrified taxi driver but forgot to check the rearview mirror. >> give me all your money, man. give me everything you got. now. mike: waiting behind the cab was a sheriff' s deputy. he became suspicious when the car did not move. and 18-year-old was demanding cash. the driver only had $11.
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arrest, you can hear the taxi driver thanking him for saving his life. sheree: remember this guy? he' s out of prison and preparing for his modeling career. his mug shot went viral in 2014 after his arrest on a weapons violation. he served time and was released earlier this week and was greeted by his wife and three children. we are told he is considering a multitude of offers. mike: the 911 dispatchers who had to put their emotions aside. >> the shock of it kicks in and you have to react.
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mike: sheree: lawmakers in washington helping in the fight against drug addiction. it could help a growing at
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mike: a 911 dispatcher sharing thoughts when they were flooded with calls after the shooting at madison junior senior high. sheree: they are heard but rarely seen. mike: butler county dispatchers played a key role. >> talking about the scary minutes. >> you won' t recognize them by uniform or see them flashing a badge but these men and women are often the unsung heroes of public safety. they quickly became the lifeline between the public and law enforcement. for words that the course of a
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>> is this really happening act oh >> it is that moment. >> there is no question once we real. >> there was a shooting. >> we have help on route. >> i am at the football field. >> are you buy yourself? >> they worked to keep children safe. >> my mom mode kicked in. i wanted to tell him to go and be safe. >> we have to get as much
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>> i was checking to see how many victims there were. you could tell he was terrified. >> the safety of others comes first. the school shooting is one event that will stay with them for a long time. >> you want to be a mother to this child. i just wanted to make sure he was ok. reporter: keep in mind that these dispatchers have most of the county to care for as well. there were other emergencies shooting. to give you an insight, the morning shooting took place at 11:18 a.m. and they took more than 140 phone calls and more than 600 interactions between police, fire, and paramedics.
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had parents inside the school but knew she had a job to do. mike: new developments tonight. reporter: a tech center and manufacturing center. they did not know what to think. >> i thought the ceiling would fall in. >> she had been
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she knew she was ok. >> you hope everybody is ok. >> she noticed a lot of police and tried to find out what was going on. henry nervously watched as employees ran to safety. >> it is horrifying. >> it is all around a wonderful person.
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>> the loss of a colleague and the memories of what happened. >> the employee is set to retire in one year. her husband tells us he' s not sure if the shooting will speed up the process. the company tells us that our counselors available for any employees who need to talk with someone. >> newport kentucky men are arrested and accused of having child pornography. they found images and both men are held at the campbell county detention center. sheree: a partnership between the hamilton county sheriff' s
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they will start selling the cards to inmates. unsolved homicides. witnesses refused to come forward. mike: in northern ohio girl lured to a fight and severely beaten. a family friend says that the girl suffered serious injuries. >> they think if you get facebook likes and you are more popular. i don' t know the mentality, but it is dangerous.
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she hopes her daughter will be able to leave the hospital soon. sheree: aimed at slowing the number of deaths. numbers show drug overdose deaths have tripled in the last five years. the state with the highest rates include both kentucky and ohio. diana roberts has new details tonight. reporter: the passages bill could give them the tools they need to fight this epidemic. by an overwhelming vote of 94-1, the senate passed a comprehensive addiction and recovery act. it will expand efforts against caroline and opioid abuse. they can target the epidemic , creating treatment programs that would be alternatives to prison. it also increases the ability of reversal drugs used to combat
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democrats unanimously supported additional funding. reporter: they don' t have the resources. reporter: mitch mcconnell says it is only the first step. >> we will keep working hard to build on these efforts so fewer americans have to know the heartache of drug addiction and overdose. >> it still must be debated in the house before making its way to the president' s desk. sheree: so the bill will now establish programs worth $725 million. mike: he is the republican front-runner and five days away from the ohio primary. a major turnout for donald trump.
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>> testing the equipment and making sure they are ready for a decisive day in the presidential campaign. >> we' re making sure they are dotted and crossed. >> they render problems. they improved training to make sure poll workers are ready. >> they can sign up to come down here and sit and work away at it. reporter: expecting voter turnout twice as high as it was during the last presidential primary season but not quite at unprecedented levels. >> a 45% turnout which is high for a presidential primary.
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>> absentee by mail ballots are running at levels similar to 2008. before you decide which candidate to vote for, decide which primary to vote in. you can pick republican or democrat at the polls. mike: bring a photo id, government document, or utility bill. you can vote early through monday. sheree: mike and i are going to be here throughout the night. live coverage begins when the polls close at 7:30 p.m. and we will have a special edition of the news at 10:00 and 11:00. >> the first 10 days was $170,000.
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the fundraiser the entire city is invited to come out for. kevin: the rain will continue and i will let you know what to
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sheree: the men and women in cincinnati blue coming together for one of their own. mike: a little boy fighting leukemia as a relative of cincinnati' s finest and the department is responding the way you would expect. courtis fuller is live with more. reporter: this little boy comes from a family of public servants. cincinnati police officers and they are now facing may be one of the toughest role calls of their life. >> i have been a fixer but i can' t fix this. reporter: this time, the 911 is
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>> he was diagnosed with leukemia on january 23. we have never had to deal with anything such as that. reporter: an injury to his foot and subsequent blood test turned the world upside down. >> he takes a drug every day and goes to the hospital once a week. >> it should overcome emotional and physical strain. >> his first 10 days was
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it was the bill my daughter got. reporter: officers are rallying around with fundraisers. in three the treatment. he does not look like the same little boy he was. but we will take him anyway he us. obviously, that' most important thing. as he said at the top of this report, police officers responding the way you would expect them to. the organization is holding a fish fry tomorrow from 10:00 until 2:00 and will take place at the rec center. they are planning another one later in the month in cap washington. a cute little boy. we can only imagine what the officers and the rest of the family is going through dealing
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mike: you see that face and it draws you write in. curtis mentioned one way you can help, the fish fry. the family has set up a gofundme page to help gregory. >> it comes from a tough family of officers and i can' t wait to give you a good update on his recovery. kentucky health officials urging parents of college students to make sure their children are up-to-date on their vaccinations. after recent cases of mumps . they say the measles, mumps, and vaccines should be given into doses at @ least 28 days apart. >> diehard xavier fans taking over new york city.
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morning, the musketeers got a first-round bye and up against a tough one in the quarterfinals. tipoff is set for 7:00 tonight at madison square garden. kevin: mother nature has delivered. the evening hours will not be much of an exception. it rains pretty much on the right side. you will deal with heavier pockets of rain. expect the range to keep coming down. heavier downpours are south and east.
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i think through the evening hours, the heaviest rain will be south of the ohio river. if there is a silver lining, at least it is mild. hovering through 60 until eight or 9:00. it will mark its way towards the east. part of a historic system bringing flooding to the gulf coast tonight. we don' t have to worry about that. a soggy evening should be expected. a live look on a gloomy thursday evening. temperatures 61 at the airport. a little over .3 inches of rainfall. we are up to half an inch. most areas have .5
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through western kentucky, notice the brighter colors are south of the river. heavier rains will follow along. behind the system, there is a slightly cooler air. cooler air will begin to move in. pushing 80 there. only in the 40' s back across the hoosier state. indianapolis at 49. cooler weather will begin to move in and will taper off at 9:00 or 10:00. drier air begins to move in. start with clouds early tomorrow morning and we should break out into plenty of sunshine and a nice-looking friday is coming up.
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will get clouds back in here. t be a washout because sunday is much wetter. your forecast for tonight. 63 for an afternoon high. up to 56 by lunchtime. saturday night and sunday morning, we spring forward. scattered showers saturday. it should be very nice. all things considered, it could be a lot colder. maria sharapova losing
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not all are ending s north pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this... on boats like these... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this... like this... for a sandwich that' s light, crispy and crunchy.
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most buns just hope to keep a hamburger together. but the new bun on a dave' s double brings a hamburger together. the perfect ratio of bun, to beef to toppings to...other bun. that' s the key. to the hamburger harmony of a deliciously different dave' s double. mike: northern ohio school set to reopen tomorrow. sheree: for bed bugs were found prompting officials to close the school. it has been treated by pest-control twice in one week. class will be back in session tomorrow. 3 million frozen boxes of the sure no pizza, stouffer'
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lasagna, and lean cuisine meals no injuries have been reported. mike: tennis racket company head says it will extend its contract with maria sharapova. she failed a drug test at the us trillion open. she had been taking the drug meldonium for several years and did not realize it was declared a banned substance this year. sheree: a veteran caught on camera pushing the woman at a trump rally is saying he' s
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mike: he says this one incident should not define people' s perception of him.
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retail mike: the battle for ohio is heating up with just five days until the primary. many voters are calling for change in washington. >> there is so much uncertainty. sheree: a look at the last-minute move and why the focus is on cincinnati this weekend. two of them are locked and what is shaping up to be a titanic struggle for ohio next tuesday. frontrunner donald trump and
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reporter: at the convention center, duke energy convention center. we are live. there is no stopping it. coming from cincinnati on sunday, i think it' s an awareness by the trump campaign of how important cincinnati is. >> there is no more second-place momentum. it' s when ohio or revert back to the statehouse governor.


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